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  • With Kashmi, you can pay anyone. All you need is a phone number or an email address. As a vendor, you can expand your sales by accepting debit/credit card payments directly through Kashmi.

    Best of all, every transaction is instantaneous and free of charge. Transactions within Kashmi are FREE. Topping up your Kashmi wallet incurs a charge depending on the method. Click here to see our fees.

  • You can top-up your Kashmi wallet in many different ways. You can use your debit card, your bank account or NETS. We are also the only application out there that allows you to add funds using your credit card.

    That means that you can still pay your friends or vendors even if you are short on cash!
    If you ever need to withdraw funds you can do so at any time, to absolutely any bank in Singapore!

  • Use our chat feature to send your friends fun messages, make plans and decide on dues.

    Use the Kashmi newsfeed to post about all the fun you’ve been having. You can also check out what your friends have been up to!

  • Kashmi ensures bank grade security protocols and data encryption to protect you and protect against any unauthorized access and transactions to your personal and financial information.

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Everyone loves Kashmi

  • Testimonial
    I never realized how much money I was borrowing and lending each week until I started using Kashmi. It’s great to be able to settle up and forget about it!
    Jonathan Khalif
  • Testimonial
    I hate asking my friends to pay me back because it's so awkward. Now I can just send a charge request through Kashmi and get paid back without feeling too pushy
    Benjamin Lao
  • Testimonial
    I like that I can pay my landlord or roommates using my credit card because I tend to be broke at the end of the month. Now I don’t need to worry about letting anyone down!
    Shani Peiris
  • Testimonial
    Using the app is actually really easy and pretty fun. I’ve used it to split bills and pay my monthly soccer dues. What’s great is that I can actually send money to anyone in Singapore no matter who they bank with
    Alison Kang