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  • With Kashmi, you can pay anyone.

    Whether you are splitting a bill or collecting dues, Kashmi is the easiest way to pay or get paid in an instant. All you need is the recipient’s phone number or email address. It’s as easy as sending a text and it’s completely free! Say goodbye to awkward reminders and forgotten IOUs.

    **Please refer to our FAQ for more information on where limits and fees may apply.

  • You can add money to your Kashmi wallet using a debit card, credit card or bank transfer.
    Topping up is quick and easy. In just a few seconds you can add money to your Kashmi wallet using your debit card, credit card, NETS or bank account. If you ever need cash in hand, you can withdraw money from your Kashmi wallet to any bank in Singapore at any time you like.
  • More than just a wallet.

    Relive memories and share experiences on your social payments feed. Save groups to make multiple requests in just one click. Or set reminders for forgetful friends. You can even top-up air-time minutes for yourself, your family and your friends.

  • Kashmi offers bank grade security.

    We ensure that you stay protected against fraud and prevent any unauthorized access to your personal and financial information.
    Kashmi does not hold any of your credit or debit card information.

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Everyone loves Kashmi

  • Testimonial
    I never realized how much money I was borrowing and lending each week until I started using Kashmi. It’s great to be able to settle up and forget about it!
    Jonathan Khalif
  • Testimonial
    I hate asking my friends to pay me back because it's so awkward. Now I can just send a charge request through Kashmi and get paid back without feeling too pushy
    Benjamin Lao
  • Testimonial
    I like that I can pay my landlord or roommates using my credit card because I tend to be broke at the end of the month. Now I don’t need to worry about letting anyone down!
    Shani Peiris
  • Testimonial
    Using the app is actually really easy and pretty fun. I’ve used it to split bills and pay my monthly soccer dues. What’s great is that I can actually send money to anyone in Singapore no matter who they bank with
    Alison Kang