About Kashmi

With Kashmi, all we really wanted was a better way to settle debts between friends. Cash just wasn’t cutting it. Rarely did any of us have cash on hand, nor did anyone ever have exact change. That meant that dues were almost never settled on the spot. When that didn’t happen, many of us could never remember our debts and that usually meant the death of an IOU. How could exchanging money be such an arduous task in this day and age?

And so, we set about creating Kashmi… Our founding team has known each other since high school. Two decades, two accelerator programs and countless iterations later, we have finally launched Kashmi. It has been a long road already but we are excited to keep building and keep learning.
Hopefully you guys enjoy using Kashmi!

Our Team

Rakhil Fernando

CEO and Co-founder. Grew bored of working for the man so became a serial entrepreneur. Loves watching documentaries about Space, Military, History and Fashion. Wished he had Kashmi in college so he could have paid his friends with a credit card.

Mufaddal Lukmanjee

CTO and Co-founder. Totally into building cool systems. Crazy about sports and will scuba dive at every opportunity. Hates to be in debt to anyone.

Rajinda Jayasinghe

Head of Operations and Co-Founder. All around generalist, sports fanatic, Nintendo fan boy and R&R enthusiast. The worst at remembering IOUs.

Sanjiv Alles

Co-founder and general jack-of-all-trades. Law student with little or no interest in the subject. Technophile that loves swimming but has a weakness for Häagen-Dazs

Lakshan De Silva

CFO. Somehow finds fun in financial controls and compliance. Fitness freak with a love for sport. Failed yoga instructor and soon-to-be professional rock climber. Harbors dreams of becoming a polymath by age 60.

Andrea Samantha Yu

Marketing Manager. Traveler, art enthusiast, and dog lover. Hates carrying coins.

Natasha Tikirimali Perera

Graphic Designer. Real-life GPS and socially awkward crazy dog lady. Can never locate an ATM.

Hannah Pickering

Graphic Designer. Grammar obsessive, experimental baker, and complete fitness nut who doesn’t have time for ATMs.

Gregory Teo

Hustler from the cradle. Enjoys all sport and plays guitar. “Lose the damn coins!”


John Laurens

Head of Global Transaction Services, DBS Bank

Milind Sangavi

Head of Business Development and Sales, International, Ezetap Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Brent Traidman

Partner, Fenox Venture Capital

Tom Wills

Director, On track Advisory, Managing Director, Secure Strategies

Gregory Costamagna

Founder and CEO, Asia Deal Group