September in Singapore: Fun things to do with your friends

September will be a great month full of events in Singapore!
We have selected several events you might want to attend with your friends.

1. Mid-Autumn at Gardens by the Bay

On Saturday, 3rd September, Gardens by the Bay is hosting the Mid-Autumn Festival. Bring all your friends and admire the beautiful hand-crafted lantern displays. There will be an interactive lantern parade followed by fireworks on the opening night. Also, don’t miss the debut of Ron Arad’s 720 art installation with live performances, street food and more.

mid autumn at gardens


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Update on top-ups and new release

Hi there Kashmi users,

Thanks for a taking a moment out of your busy social lives and Pokemon hunting to read our blog. We wanted to take a moment to update you on a few things.

As some of you may know, our credit/debit card services have been temporarily suspended for the past couple of weeks as we switch payment providers. We have had several users reach out to us wondering when we will be back online.

The answer is – soon. Unfortunately, the present delay is out of our control as we wait for our new payments partner to iron out a few things. While we knew that this switch would be frustrating we have made the adjustment with the long term situation in mind. We want our users to be able to have the most flexibility and ease when it comes to topping up and in order for us to provide this in the future we have had to sacrifice a little bit now.

The good news though is that ENETS top-up will be available by the end of this week. This means that anyone with an ENETS-enabled card will be able to top-up their Kashmi wallets on-the-go. We hope that this keeps most of our users satisfied till credit/debit card services are back online in full force.

So, look out for an app update later this week which will feature new group payments and reminder functions along with ENETS top-up and some cool new changes to UI which we think you will like very much.



Tl;dr: Top-ups should be online soon, app update with eNETS and other cool stuff coming this week!

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How do Millennials spend their money?

We are the millennial generation. Also known as Generation Y, we are the generation that you might describe as digital natives. That means that we don’t think of the Internet, we just use it because we were born with it. We see online, mobile and digital channels as naturally integrated into our world, an essential part of life that is taken for granted. We are also becoming increasingly influential when it comes to our earning and spending power. By 2017, millennials will have more buying power than any other generation.
So, how exactly do we spend our money? We’ve put together a short list.

Dining out


Studies show that millennials dine out more often than non-millennials do, averaging about 3.4 outings each week(1). We are also more likely to get food to go, rather than dining at the restaurant, a behavior which is increasing with the advent of digital take-out options like Uber Eats or Deliveroo. This also makes the generation more social than ever before, with studies showing that around 65% of us are more likely to eat out with friends and co-workers(1).


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Monthly Competition: Want to Win $200?

Snap a picture of the Kashmi Blue Man, and tag us (@kashminow) on Instagram or Facebook for your chance to win!

He’s quite elusive so if you’re lucky enough to spot him at an MRT station, on campus, or at the mall, be sure to take a picture of him! Post the photo on Instagram or Facebook and tag us (@kashminow) for a chance to win $200!

If you don’t have the Kashmi app yet, you can get it at:


Seen this guy out and about? Be sure to snap a photo of him, post it on Instagram or Facebook, tag @kashminow and enter the competition to win S$200!


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Global FinTech Study: Trends 2016

Evestnet / Yodlee conducted the second annual Global FinTech Influencer Survey on new trends in 2016 with regard to FinTech. Last year’s report revealed that the companies which made the biggest impact in that year were Transferwise, Lending Club, and R3, respectively. Paypal took place 12, directly followed by AngelList.


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A sneak peek at the new app update

We have a big app update coming up: Here’s a sneak peek!

We’ve got big things in store for you in the next week! A new version of the Kashmi app is on its way, so we decided to give you a sneak peek of what’s in store.

We’ve received a lot of feedback from the community over the past few months and we’ve done our best to listen and incorporate as much of this feedback as possible in the new release. We have tons of other cool stuff in the pipeline as well, and future releases will reveal more interesting ideas as we move along.

Having said that, the team is pretty excited about the upcoming version and we’d love to get some of your feedback on these ideas.


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10 Easy Ways to Save Money in Singapore


We all know how easy it is to spend money – especially in an exciting and vibrant city like Singapore. For that reason, we have selected several painless ways for you to start saving in the Lion City.

1. Set a savings target

When you set yourself targets it will be easier for you to save more money. When you hit the target you will learn how to better spend your money in the coming months. Moreover, once you hit your spending target you will know immediately that you have to change your spending habits until the end of the month in order to save.

2. Use credit cards as a mode of payment, but not for credit

Too many people fall into the traps of credit card companies who charge high interest rates for overrunning your balance if you don’t pay back immediately. Use your credit card to reap the rewards and discounts but pay the full sum back immediately so there is no interest to worry about.


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