Kashmi transfers are 100% free.

Your friends don’t charge you when you exchange money. So why would we?
Kashmi supports all major credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts in Singapore.
All transfers within the Kashmi network are 100% free.

Free Kashmi Transfers
Free withdrawals for amounts > S$100

* 3% fee on the dollar for top ups.
** 50¢ fee on withdrawals under S$100



Kashmi takes security very seriously. Right from the start, we ensure that your mobile number and email address are accurate and we ask you to verify these by sending an OTP code to your mobile number and a verification email to your personal email address.

From a technical standpoint, we use advanced encryption techniques as well as Pass Code based access features to always protect your account. Our systems run on Amazon Web Services that are protected by global standards in security.

Finally, we absolutely DO NOT store any of your financial information within our app or servers. All credit card details are stored (only if you choose to do so) with our Internet Payment Gateway Service Provider – Payment Express who guarantee bank grade security.