Student Ambassador Program

Join Kashmi – one of Singapore’s hottest startups !

Kashmi is the easiest way to pay your friends. Settle dues in an instant so that you can forget about the money and focus on the good times!

We are looking for dynamic students to be Kashmi student ambassadors – the face of Kashmi on campus. Student ambassadors should be social, outgoing people, the “unofficial organizers” of their friends.

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What makes a good ambassador?

  • Someone who brings people together
  • An organizer and a leader
  • A person who enjoys having a good time, and sharing that with friends and peers

What do ambassadors do?

  • Use Kashmi regularly in their day to day lives and encourage their friends to do the same
  • Frequently bring friends together for events and get-togethers
  • Think about creative and cool ways to promote and use Kashmi, as well as come up with innovative ways to improve the application and make it better
  • Think of creative ways to have fun with friends, and get Kashmi to pay for it!

What do I get out of this?

  • Win awesome prizes and rewards including cash commissions, merchandise, movie vouchers and more
  • Become eligible for internships and full time job opportunities at one of Singapore’s hottest start-ups.
  • Receive sponsorship to throw bigger and better events for you and your friends

Meet a few ambassadors

“Kashmi is perfect for collecting money off my friends, no more unpaid debts”


“It has been surreal working alongside the entire team at Kashmi. There is never a dull moment where everyone is in action. Being in the trenches of a start-up is heaps exciting! Love every second of it!”

Kelyn Phua

“Being a student ambassador for Kashmi is really fun. I earn lots of rewards just from hanging out with my friends”

Avishka Mendis

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