Frequently Asked Questions

    • General

      • What is Kashmi?

        Kashmi is a mobile application that lets you exchange money with your friends instantly, for free. In any situation, Kashmi is the easiest way to pay your friends.

      • How does Kashmi work?

        Kashmi is a mobile wallet, so the first thing you need to do is put some money in your wallet!

        Find “Add money” on the landing page or the main menu (swiping left to right) and use your debit card, credit card or bank account to top up your Kashmi wallet. Now you can use this money to pay your friends.

        If your friend owes you cash, you can always use the “request” function to ask them to pay you.

        You can still send or request money if your friend doesn’t have Kashmi. In this instance, they will receive an SMS alerting him/her that money is pending and prompting them to download the app and accept the transaction.

        If you need your money back in cold hard cash, you can always cash out to any bank in Singapore, at any time. Withdrawals usually take between 1-3 business days depending on your bank.

      • Where can I download the Kashmi application?

        You can download Kashmi for IOS on the App Store, or Android on the Play Store, wherever you are. It’s totally free!

      • Who can use Kashmi?

        As long as you have a debit card, a credit card or a bank account you can use Kashmi.

        **Remember, you can only withdraw money to a Singapore bank account.

      • Why should you use Kashmi?

        Kashmi takes the pain out of payments. It’s the easiest way to exchange money with friends.

        1. It’s free, it’s simple and it’s all happening in real time
        2. It’s the only app that lets you pay your friends with a credit /debit card
        3. It’s fun and social – group payments and payment reminders are just some of the cool features that make Kashmi the perfect app for so many social situations.
        4. You can even top-up Airtime for family and friends living in Singapore and abroad
      • Are there any limits on my account?

        Yes, there are some limits to what you can do on Kashmi because of MAS regulations that are designed to keep everyone safe.

        Account Limits

        Kashmi has imposed some limits to what you can do on Kashmi because of MAS regulations that are designed to keep everyone safe.

        Pre KYC (Know your customer)

        The following limits are in place if you have not completed our in-app KYC procedure. To do so please click on “Account Verification” under the “My Account section” which you can access by sliding right to left on the Kashmi landing page or clicking on the top left hamburger menu.

        Add Money Limits: Once your total top ups exceed S$2,000, you will be asked to carry out a simple KYC via the app

        Transaction Limit: You can transact as much as you like but once your aggregate transaction volume (top ups, payments, withdrawals) reaches S$4,000, you would be required to carry out KYC

        Withdrawal Limit: If your aggregate withdrawal amount exceeds S$999 you will be asked to carry out KYC. Once your KYC check is completed, this limit will be lifted.
        All withdrawals above S$100 are free. Withdrawals below S$100 will be charged 50c.

        Daily Limit: You can add a maximum of S$999/day to your Kashmi wallet.

        Post KYC (Know your customer)

        Once you have completed the in-app KYC, only the following guidelines will apply.

        Monthly Limit: You can enjoy S$1,000/month of free top ups. Once you have reached S$1,000 during the course of a month, then you will be charged a 3% fee on the dollar for any additional top-ups.
        You are also allowed a maximum of S$15,000 top ups per month.

        Account Balance Limit: You can only hold S$999 in your Kashmi wallet at any given time.

        Withdrawal Limit: All withdrawals above S$100 are free. Withdrawals below S$100 will be charged 50c.

      • Where can I use my Kashmi balance?

        You can use Kashmi to exchange money with anyone who has a mobile number or email address. This could be your friends, someone you just met, or even the growing list of merchants and vendors that accept Kashmi.

        Of course, you can always withdraw the cash at any time.

    • Basic Troubleshooting

      • I can’t download Kashmi. Why?

        If you’re unable to download the app, you might be running an older version of software on your phone. So please make sure that your phone software is up to date.

        Still having issues? Time to contact our support team to

      • Kashmi isn’t working! Why?

        If any part of Kashmi isn’t functioning properly, it could be because you have an older version of the app running on your phone. Try deleting the app and re-downloading it from your app store.

      • I’ve cashed out through the app but my money has yet to be deposited into my bank account. How long does this usually take?

        As soon as you withdraw money, it usually takes between 1-3 business days to see cash in your bank account, depending on your bank.

        If it’s been more than 5 business days, you might want to double-check and make sure you’ve entered the correct bank account number for withdrawal. You can also contact us on

    • Signing Up

      • How do I complete the sign up process with Kashmi?

        Once you have provided us with your name, email address, phone number, and have verified your mobile number during the sign up process, you can start using Kashmi. It’s as easy as that!

        **We encourage you to verify your email address through the “My Account” section in the main menu, once you’ve finished signing up.

      • How do I add contacts through the app?

        Kashmi will automatically sync with your phone contact list to identify which of your friends are Kashmi users, so that you can begin transacting with them immediately. You could also use the “+” button to manually add a contact.

      • Why should I let Kashmi use my contact list?

        Accessing your contact list allows us to show you which of your friends are already Kashmi users, so you can begin transacting with them immediately!

      • How do I invite friends?

        Click on the “Invite a friend” button on the landing page and follow the steps to select friends from the contact list. Your friend will receive an SMS letting him know that he is invited. All he has to do is download and sign-up for Kashmi using your promo code. Once he does this, it’s time to cash in – you both get S$2 each!

    • Adding Money

      • How do I top-up my Kashmi balance?

        Go to “Add Money” in the main menu or landing page.

        The following are your top up options:

        1. Credit/Debit Card: Link your credit card or debit card to your Kashmi wallet if this is your first time. Now, enter the amount you wish to add and click “Add Money”. Your wallet balance will be updated immediately.
        2. **It’s best if you click on the “Save card details” box so that you don’t have to enter this information again in the future.
        3. NETS: Top up straight from your bank account.
      • Why am I being asked for identification documents?

        To help ensure Kashmi remains a safer place for all users to transact, and to comply with Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) regulatory requirements, we may ask you to confirm your identity when you have reached a total of S$2,000 in top ups.

        This one time identity verification process would require you to submit the following documents to

        1. copy of a government-issued identity document (NRIC or Driver’s License or Passport).
        2. proof of address document dated within 6 months (the back copy of NRIC or utility bill or bank statement).

        You can also verify the authenticity of this request by contacting our Customer Support at +6590196158 or by sending an email to

      • What are the fees and limitations associated with topping up?

        A 3% charge on the dollar will be incurred for every top up.

        The maximum daily top up limit is S$999 while the maximum monthly limit for top ups is S$15,000.

        For eNETS, the minimum top up amount is S$10. There is no minimum amount for credit/debit card top-ups.

        Please note that when you do a total of S$2000 for top ups, you will be asked to confirm your identity.

    • Sending and Requesting Money

      • Can I send money to someone that does not have Kashmi?


        Go ahead and send money as you usually would. If your friend is not a Kashmi user, he/she will receive an SMS notification along with a download link to let them know that money is coming their way. As soon as they download Kashmi, they’ll receive the money that you have sent.

      • How can I send money?

        You can access the “Send/Request” menu at any time either through the main menu or click the ‘Send/Request’ button at the bottom of your screen.

      • How do I request money?

        It’s exactly the same as sending money – just make sure that you have clicked on the request button to make sure that the money is heading in the correct direction!

      • Can I cancel a payment or a request?

        Yes, you can. Simply locate “My Transactions” in the main menu and click the “X” icon to cancel. Any transactions that require your approval will be flagged as a “Pending” action for easy access

      • How do I know when I have received money?

        You will receive a ‘pending transaction’ notification within the app. All you need to do is accept it by clicking on the tick mark. Your Kashmi balance will be updated immediately.

      • How do I know if someone has sent me money?

        You will see a little red bubble appear on your phone’s Kashmi app icon. In the app this same red bubble will appear next to your main menu icon and next to ‘My Transactions’ which can be found in the main menu.

      • Are there any limits on these transactions?

        There is no limit to how much you can transact in a day but once you have done an aggregate transaction volume (top-ups, withdrawals and send/requests) of S$4000, you will be asked to confirm your identity.
    • Payment Troubleshooting

      • Can I cancel a payment I have already sent?

        You can, if your friend hasn’t accepted it yet. If they have already accepted the money you’ll have to contact them and just ask him/her to send it right back. It’s all instantaneous anyway so it should be pretty convenient!

      • Can I change the amount after I send a payment?

        You can’t do this because all the transfers happen in real-time – once you have sent the money, it reaches the recipient as soon as they accept it. If they haven’t accepted the payment yet, you could cancel it and re-send another payment.

        If they have already accepted the transaction you have two options. You could initiate another transfer for the difference if you still owe more, or you could send your friend a charge request if you overpaid the first time.

      • How do I report a fraudulent transaction?

        Contact us immediately on and we will get on the job ASAP.

      • I didn’t receive a payment from a friend. What now?

        Ask your friend if the contact number (sender and receiver) used is correct, in case he/she sent it to the wrong person.

        Make sure that you have a stable internet connection so that the transaction is actually completed.

        Another possibility is that your Kashmi wallet is already at S$999, or will exceed this amount when accepting the payment. You’ll need to withdraw money or transfer money out to make more space.

        If you still have a problem, drop us a mail at

        **You can now also opt to set a reminder (daily,weekly,monthly) when you request a payment from your friend to remind him/her about dues.

      • Why can’t I send a payment?

        First check if your app is fully up to date. Running an older version of the app may cause this problem. We would also suggest that you try to delete the app, reinstall it and sign in again.

        If you have any problems with sign-in then you can always contact us on

    • Withdrawing Money

      • Are withdrawals credited to my bank account instantly?

        Your bank account will be credited within 1-3 business days, depending on your bank. On average though, you should see your money within 2 days.

        If it’s been longer, why don’t you get in touch with us? We’ll do whatever we can to help you out.

      • How do I withdraw money from my Kashmi account?

        Go to “Withdraw Money” on the landing page or on the main menu (swiping left to right). If you have not linked your Kashmi account to your bank account you will need to do so now. If you have, simply indicate how much money you need to withdraw and click on “Withdraw Money”.

        **It’s best if you click on the “Save bank details” box so you don’t have to enter this information again in the future.

      • Are there any fees and limits on withdrawals?

        All withdrawals above S$100 are free. Withdrawals below S$100 will be charged 50c. If you do a total of S$999 in withdrawals, you will be asked to confirm your identity.
    • Account Troubleshooting

      • Can I change my phone number?

        Yes. Your phone number is an important piece of information, so you would need to contact our customer support team ( so that we can assist you.

      • Can I change my bank account details?

        Yes you can. Go to “Withdraw Money” found in the main menu and select the edit icon next to the bank account details you wish to change.

      • How do I close my Kashmi account?

        If you need to close your Kashmi account, contact our customer support team and let us know. We’ll close your account and ensure that all details are cleared from the system.

        If you have a balance in your Kashmi account at the time of closure, we’ll transfer this balance to your bank account within 5 working days, as long as that account has been verified. If you have not registered a bank account then you will need to provide us with the account details to which you want the money transferred.

        **Remember, whichever account you provide needs to be in your name.

        Once you close your account, it will be blocked from further use. However, you will still be liable for all obligations relating to your account up to the point of closure.

        If you have money left in your Kashmi balance at the time of closure, this money will be returned to you (minus any charges and fees) by bank transfer. We do not make any refunds using cash.

    • Security

      • How does Kashmi protect my financial and personal data?

        Kashmi ensures bank grade security protocols and data encryption to protect you. We guard against any unauthorised access and transactions to your personal and financial information.

        We take security very seriously. Right from the start, we ensure that your mobile number and email address are accurate and we ask you to verify these by sending an OTP code to your mobile number and a verification email to your personal email address.

        From a technical standpoint, we use 2-factor authentication, advanced encryption techniques as well as Pass Code based access features to keep your account protected. Our systems run on Amazon Web Services that are protected by global standards in security. Data is backed up in real time on multiple Amazon availability zones, up to the minute and recovering data in the unlikely event of a database failure that can happen in a matter of seconds.

        Finally, we DO NOT store any of your financial information within our app or servers. All credit card details are stored (only if you choose to do so) with our Internet Payment Gateway Service Provider – Payment Express who guarantee bank grade security.

      • How do I report a fraudulent transaction?

        That’s serious! Send us an email immediately at and we’ll get on it immediately.

      • What if I lose my phone?

        If this happens, then we need to block your account immediately. So contact us as soon as possible on so that we can verify your identity and block your account.

  • How Can You Reach Us

    • How do I contact customer support?

      You can contact us via phone, email or Facebook. We are available anytime between Monday to Friday, (9am – 5pm) so feel free to get in touch!

      Phone: +6590196158

    • You haven’t replied to my email. Why?

      We’re sorry if it has taken us a while to get back to you! Our support staff are on-the- job between Monday-Friday, (9am-5pm) so if you have messaged us outside this time, then please give us a little while longer to get back to you. You’ll definitely hear from us by the next working day!

      **There’s also a chance that our reply might have gone straight to your SPAM folder, so please check there just to make sure☺

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us whenever you like.